100 days

It’s now 100 days until my move to the USA to undertake my PhD research! Confirmation has been passed, Ethics has been approved, and I will only be available to teach until 15th July here in Brisbane.

Thank you to all my students for their continued work with me. Although, really, it is so much fun, work seems a funny word for what we do!!!!

Thanks to those who are on the waiting list and fill those last minute cancellations – you guys are great! And for my internet students (how great is Zoom!) – may we keep on trucking along!

Because my brain is filled with organisation stuff for the move, and lots of t’s to cross and i’s to dot, I’m afraid we won’t be having am id year concert before I go. Apologies, but when our usual venue was booked, and after much searching for venues where we could do this easily (and without prohibitive expense) this time I have decided we will not be doing the concert this June / July. HOWEVER, I have found lots of performing opportunities and continue to provide information about these in lessons.

OK. Back to PhD stuff! See you in lessons, fellow singers!