Back to lessons on 27th January

I am SO EXCITED!!! Lessons begin back on the 27th January and I can’t wait to get back in the studio!

Right now I am finalising existing student’s times, then I will be taking new students. Thanks to all those who have been emailing me. It shouldn’t be too much longer before we chat!

Also, a new development is my LAST MINUTE LESSONS page! Let’s face it. People get sick. Cancellations and reschedules happen. All the time. SO, this year I am putting a last minute lesson page on the site (check it out) where if I have a timeslot available, you can book it!

HUGE (for this teacher) development – Skype lessons are happening. Technology is awesome, my wifi is great and my sound system rocks and we are doing SKYPE lessons. So, you lovelies in Sydney and Melbourne, Gold and Sunshine Coast who have been asking (thanks!) it is finally here. This year! We are doing this! You can book these with me using my LAST MINUTE LESSONS page or by contacting me directly.

I will always believe in the personal one on one lesson in the studio, but I can’t be everywhere!! You’ve asked for it so here we go!

Lesson teaching dates are up for the first six months of 2016. I have adjusted my prices slightly (for the first time in 2 years).

I have committed to ongoing skill development by going to the CCM Institute at Shenandoah University in July 2015, and becoming certified in Somatic Voicework The LoVetri Method Levels I, II and III. I have attended lessons in New York with Jeannie LoVetri and have just committed to regular Skype lessons with Jeannie. I have just returned from New York and San Diego, seeing shows and listening to great voices, attending the MTEA conference in San Diego and meeting and learning from some of the most amazing educators in the world. I am returning to Shenandoah and New York in July. I pay for these trips to educate and inspire me and stay on the cutting edge. I have plans to attend the National Voice Symposium in Philadelphia and the Summer Vocology Institute in Utah sometime in the next few years. I have a wish list of conferences a mile long. I am committed to bringing you the best voice teaching that I can.

I look forward to a brilliant year with you all!