Group singing for everyone!

Welcome to Brisbane voices. This is group singing for everyone who loves to sing. You don’t need to read music. You don’t need to have singing lessons and you don’t need to audition. This choir is for those who want to have a sing together in a group while learning a little bit about singing every week.

What makes this group different?

At the start of each two hour session Dale will take the time to warm you up, mind and body, and give you a new thing to learn about the voice every week. This will be practical in nature. She can’t teach everyone to sing, but in this way she can gradually give out information to help you sing better week after week.

Why a group singing?

Singing in groups has been demonstrated to help anxiety and stress, to build community and a sense of belonging. Singing is good for your lungs and spirit. Check out Google Scholar to find many articles on the positive impacts of group singing.

When, where, and how much?

Brisbane voices will be meeting on Wednesday nights from 7pm to 9pm. Two hour sessions will cost $20 pp. We meet at Everton Park Bowls and Community Club, 7 Gearside St, Everton Park.

How do I get involved?

Check out the Facebook page Brisbane Voices. Email me and let me know you are coming here!

Do I need to commit to every week?

Please put Wednesday nights as a priority to ensure you get to learn new material and the step by step approach to singing that Dale is designing. If you can’t make it please message me to let me know. You will benefit from coming every week, so unless you are sick, we expect to see you!

What about performances?

We are planing a short end of year concert for friends and family to enjoy.