Frequently asked questions

What do you teach?

Well, it depends on what the student needs. Some students have great basic technique, a great voice, but need help with performance nerves. Others are starting from scratch, have never had a lesson and would like to know how they can improve their voice. Some students need help changing their sound from a “classical” sounding voice to a modern sound. Others just don’t understand why their voice cuts out, or hurts, or has no power. These are all issues I deal with, one on one, in the studio.

Do you teach in groups?

No. The studio is a one on one environment.

How often should I come?

Lessons should be on a weekly basis. The best results come from weekly lessons combined with daily practice.

Who do you teach?

I teach all singers, all ages and all levels.  I teach grade 12 students who are doing music extension with voice performance. I teach musical theatre performers preparing for auditions. I teach university students preparing for auditions for places in the various performance courses around Australia. I teach professionals who are performing in bands around the south east of Queensland. I teach locals who perform in Music Theatre. I teach singer / songwriters. I teach learner singers with big dreams, and I teach professionals. I teach other voice teachers. I teach people who are passionate about singing, and those just wanting to see if they really do have a singing voice.

What style of singing do you teach?

I teach contemporary voice. I teach students Music Theatre (legit and belt, and everything in between), R&B, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Hip hop, and Country, bring me your style and we’ll make it work!

What is your studio like? What equipment do you use?

I have a piano and keyboard, a mirror (for technique monitoring). I have microphones to teach microphone technique. I have a little mixing desk for mixing your singing practice and teaching EQ for performances. All lessons are recorded in order to enable daily practice and revision. I use video and photography for feedback for students.

Do you have a Blue Card?

Yes- it’s the law.

Where are you located?

I am at  Bunya (between Albany Creek and Ferny Hills, close to Samford) in the north western suburbs of Brisbane.