Everybody has a voice

I believe that everybody has a voice and everybody can sing. Some voices have natural beauty, others need more functional  work to create a beautiful sound.


Healthy function gives amazing results

I believe it is of major important to understand voice science and voice function in order to diagnose issues as quickly as possible. I’m constantly reading journals and attending conferences, both in Australia and overseas, to keep as up to date with this emerging field as possible whilst also applying my years of practical experience to teaching the singer as effectively and efficiently as possible. However, I am also acutely aware that the voice is the most personal of instruments, and that teaching the singer as a whole – body, mind, spirit and voice – is where the joy and craft of singing teaching exists.

Working with people who have beautiful voices, but just need some functional tweaking for them to be at their best is a thrilling experience. However,  all over the world there are “shower singers” who just love to sing! I adore finding these people and giving them the opportunity to learn the art of singing and to perform on stage.

Too often we don’t allow ourselves to sing, we stop ourselves from enjoying this freedom of expression. Love, passion, rage, joy, fear, anguish, exuberance, and wonder are only some of the emotions we can express through singing which are often hard to express in words.

When we sing well and freely we connect spirit to spirit, hear to heart, soul to soul.

The only thing better than singing, is more singing – Ella Fitzgerald

People who sing, often have hidden problems in their voices, which are concealed through unhelpful habits. These habits can be resolved through functional voice training to embower the student to sing with more power and freedom in their voice.

I believe the best singers and teachers can learn something from someone with more experience and knowledge – especially me! I learn from great teachers whenever I can.

I believe in singing.