Teaching and research

Well, I looked at my website and realised what a long time it has been between posts! Coming home from the USA last June, finishing the data analysis and writing my doctoral thesis has been an all-consuming task! Thank you to those students who returned to my studio over the past year—it has been wonderful to be able to return to teaching while writing and considering all the pedagogical issues I observed in the USA.

I submitted my thesis in June and it is now (hopefully) being examined. The process of examination for a PhD in Australia is as follows: examination takes (again, hopefully) a couple of months and the process then picks up again. This examination is external, and I don’t know who my examiners are! They will test my methodology, analysis and findings. The thesis is returned with either approved with no changes (I’m told this is rare, so not expecting this!), approved with minor changes (fingers crossed), approved with major changes or, of course, the dreaded fail. So I wait …

In the meantime the studio re-opens after my recent break. Students have booked in for both in-person and online lessons. I have a Covid-19 policy regarding wiping down of surfaces and ventilation in the studio, however, should the virus return with a vengeance to Brisbane I will move to offering only online teaching again. Thank you again to all my wonderful students who moved (fairly) seamlessly to the online platform. I hope you all stay safe, and I will continue to follow government and medical guidelines for the appropriate conduct of my business.

I do have a few time-slots still available. Most of my weekday afternoon slots are filled, but there are some early afternoon (1pm/2pm/3pm) and Saturday afternoon times available. I reopen the studio on Tuesday 14th July so if you would like to commence lessons, or come along for the first time, message me!

If you are overseas and would like lessons—great! I find that my morning works well as evening lessons for many students in the USA (Eastern and Central time). I am also starting a voice pedagogy consulting practice … stay tuned!

Image credit: The drawing was sourced from an article posted in Columbia Spectator here.